Practicing areas

Grandlex offers legal advice in Armenian legislation and representation in Armenian courts, as well as representation in contract negotiation and liaising with Armenian government authorities.

Primarily area of Grandlex activity is telecommunications, media and broadcasting policy and legislation. Despite the major part of Grandlex activities is focused on legal advice and assistance there is a plenty of work that Grandlex experts do in area of business consulting in the same areas: telecom, broadcasting and new media. Very often we provide business consulting together with legal solutions.

One of the main specialization of Grandlex is telecommunications regulation including competition and antitrust practices. Primarily we offer our services to companies, however, government agencies and international consultants are also welcomed. We have number of successful cases of settlements of telecom and media related disputes.

Personal data protection and privacy is also one of the major areas of Grandly expertise. We have extensive experience in due diligence of data protection and may offer it to companies operating with clients data and subject to specific data protection requirements. Such companies include but not limited to telecommunication operators, payment processing centers, banks and credit unions, other companies possessing personal data of clients.

Though the debt collection is not a priority area of Grandlex activities we have two year experience of collecting significant amount of bad debts on behalf of the larger telecommunication operator. However, we proud to offer our clients a systems related services: help them in establishing an effective system of bad debt prevention and fast collection mechanisms.