Our clients and partners

Grandlex has several one case and long-term clients. Some of the clients are listed below to provide information on type and scale of provided services.

  • Grandlex has long-term debt collection contract with largest Armenian telecommunication operator Armenian Telephone Company (ArmTel). It is almost two years of cooperation with ArmenTel in this area.
  • Our company has three years experience of cooperation with Open Network Initiative, Canadian non-for-profit organization carrying out global study of telecommunication and Internet policy across the world. Grandlex provides research of relevant areas in Armenia.
  • In spite of relatively short history our company provided professional services to well–known international legal companies: Steptoe & Johnson LLP on behalf of Research in Motion (Canada) in area of later interest, Belgian Van Bael & Bellis Law Firm and assisted many other European and Russian companies in consulting their clients in Armenian telecommunication, data protection, corporate governance and contract law.
  • Lynxs Paralegal Service is our partner in Toronto, Ontario and provides legal support of our clients in Canada. We work with Lynxs Paralegal Services to solve legal problems of Armenians who live in Canada and need legal advice and representation in Armenia.